About Lucidbee4


Initially started as a book blog and a place where I could share my love for stories without feeling sheepish about it. Lucidbee4 is gradually changing into a place where I like to inform, encourage and empower people so they can go out and conquer their goals.

The purpose behind Lucidbee4 is to help people recognize their epicness- I believe every person is born unique, The uniqueness is marked in our DNA! So I want to help people appreciate their peculiarity by sharing content geared towards the dreamers and those who are dedicated enough to implement them in real life – towards those who need a little push to realize their worth and carve their own path and become their own superhero.

I’m moving in a similar, but different direction when it comes to the future of Lucidbee4.com. I want Lucidbee4 to become a platform where people can share their discoveries, mistakes and the doubts they’re living¬†with at the moment. You can expect posts related to books, mindfulness and self-improvement with weird but helpful recommendation lists sprinkled at times.