A note to self.

by Bia Ahmed,

I clung to whatever semblance of support I was able to find and never dared to let go of it. I was cursed to always follow my heart in whatever I do even if I have to make a lot of sacrifices to get what I wanted so I let myself wander–quite literally at times too because I was so hopelessly lost, I’ve witnessed me at my lowest of low where I was sure that it was my rock bottom but somehow fell even further. I am capable of losing my way still but it’s now become a more thrilling adventure of being curious about what I’ll be able to discover further along the way so with complete faith I can say this: it’s alright to feel like you’re just rushing to follow the breadcrumbs others dropped while following their own calling but in doing so you’ll eventually recognise your path and the endurance you’ll build along the way nothing can replace with that, it’ll be like your own armour that you will unknowingly carve out of personal experiences.

You’ll eventually find yourself falling in love with the journey and that’s when you’ll know that this is what you were seeking for the whole time 🙂

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