The 48 Laws of Power: Greene’s Guidebook For The Wicked

The 48 Laws of Power – one of the scariest book I have ever read. You’d think this title belonged to Stephen King’s novels only but nein. Initially, this book made me sick to my stomach thinking just how shady a person can be, only in order to become powerful. Honestly, it has stripped me of … Read moreThe 48 Laws of Power: Greene’s Guidebook For The Wicked

Pursuit of Happiness is the Lowest of All Pursuits

man standing on mountain in iceland in the pursuit of life

The Pursuits of Life are basically the pursuits that drives a life and gives meaning to it, these pursuits are divided into several parts that we will talk about it in the ascending order. First of all, we will discuss what the civilized world dream is? that is life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Why … Read morePursuit of Happiness is the Lowest of All Pursuits

The Strange Beauty Of Fickling Seasons


Wrapped in a blanket holding a steaming cup of coffee while scrolling through your social media, you enjoy the soft music playing in the background. It’s all peaceful and serene. Hey! It’s winter. Your favourite season is here. Forever feeling drowsy while never wanting to get out of a cosy blanket and always having cold, … Read moreThe Strange Beauty Of Fickling Seasons

How Society Kills Our Potential


In today’s ever-changing world. Somehow, we have categorized every individual and put them into different categories. Yet, we talk about everyone being different. The world keeps evolving yet somehow, Life fell into a linear pattern where we are not the ones deciding our path. We keep going through a set of steps set by the … Read moreHow Society Kills Our Potential

That Inner Voice Of Self Deprecation

self deprecation prove yourself.

It was a dark, starless night when a girl just sat there, looking numbly at the blinking cursor, overthinking every past mistake, of every time she didn’t fulfill her promise, of how close she was to failing herself. “This time it will be different,” she murmured to a seemingly empty room. Suddenly her phone beeped, … Read moreThat Inner Voice Of Self Deprecation