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Fakeness Of Social Media5 min read

After getting a 5 hour sleep she got up at 8 AM, washed her face, applied some light make up and laid again in her bed, took a selfie with her dog and posted it on social media with a caption of #goodmorningeveryone #newday #morninglook #simpleme #naturalbeauty #lovemydog #friendforlife and her day started counting likes on the post she just made.


Life is not the same as it used to be before the intrusion of social media in our lives. Having a good time, hanging out, enjoying our personal space had different meanings back then but now everything is about taking it to social media. To make it look like we have a rocking life we make constant status updates, upload edited photos, tagging and sharing posts are a routine without realizing why are we getting so obsessed with it. It gives me a nervous-laughter to see those who are farting rainbows over facebook are mostly facing a garbage life in reality and are depressed to the core, but man! they have made their virtual space look so awesome that so many people actually envy them.

Social media provided us with different ways of interaction. Let’s give a reality check to some of them:


Likes are meant to just like something we like, but here’s how we have categorized it according to our use:

Sympathy Likes: Oh! nobody likes her photos much let’s give it a like.

Charity Likes: Hey mate! I have changed my profile picture, can you give it a like? aah…lets just like his photo.

Followers Likes: I like this girl so much, have to like everything she posts to show my loyalty as a true follower.

Need Likes: To get your likes you, you give your likes.

Genuine Likes: Like! like to like something you really like.



Comments are what we say as a response when we see something but dude! we have fancied them much and made everything so artificial that nobody is like that in real… duh…First and foremost a comment is a favor that you have to return otherwise you will lose your commentators

.When you have to comment even when you got nothing to say, you write ‘very nice’. Personally, I call it a life-saving comment.

You are love…I mean seriously? who talks like that in real?

After writing, ‘this broke my heart, feels like crying’, you scroll down to a music or comedy content and you type ‘ah-mazing’ or ‘ROFL’, it works this fast!

Making comments on a group post is fun too, where you write your heart out and nobody gives a shit about it (unless you are famous or an admin) still you will find 3.9k comments there and if you ever accidentally made a contrasting comment a whole bash brigade will arrive to hunt you down in no time.




A friend of mine got engaged and sent me 3 snaps of his fiancée, and I couldn’t decide which one the girl actually looks like, my peace of mind restored when I finally saw her on their wedding day even after all that makeup, she looked more like herself than her photos, thanks to social media tools and editing applications that we learnt to look like a super model and this virtual image of ours is so satisfying that it is drifting us away from the reality and just by the way I use only blur effect, guilty!

No matter how amazing and may be real photos we post on social media it invites unwanted envy, jealousy and hatred among people (okay a few actually become happy to see us too) by seeing our lives are more fun than theirs initiates a constant comparison in everything, be it appearances, things our loved ones do for us, travelling, food, clothes, assets and what not! and in this constant competition, everyone showcases their best and hide their flaws which is making people less genuine. They glorify every moment of their life just to fake it and win it but since it’s a never-ending competition what they will ultimately get is ‘depression’ and nothing else!



Relationship Updates

From single to committed, engaged to married, divorced to in a relationship. Social media knows it all. Your first date, surprise proposal to her with most romantic gestures, your experience of a honeymoon trip, being expressive of love, praising and liking each other on all the posts and photos, you two ‘kochie koo-ing’ together on social media is all adorable, no? but in reality what about your PRIVATE life? behind the screen fighting and having differences over petty issues and then not talking to each other is that what we have saved to call our PRIVATE life? No, I am not saying that public display of affection is wrong but when things over social media differ from reality you know where the problem lies! The point to ponder here is behaving in public and public platforms should be similar.



Social media is definitely making us ‘less genuine’ we are adding people we don’t personally know or barely know to call as a friend just to increase our like bank, post photos claiming our self ugly with best clothes and makeup on to get people’s approval, who are we fooling?, we post rants and insulting posts to target someone we cannot answer on the face, haters are your most frequent profile visitors, we even use fake updates to create the illusion of our perfect life and to get all the attention at least for a while…This is how social media is driving us crazy, lonely and depressed attention seekers.


My advice (like every sane person) is to limit usage of social media and remember what you see is not the complete truth so don’t be influenced with people, get a life and literally get your life back, bring yourself back to reality. Have fun spending time with your loved ones without announcing and showing it to the world. This way you won’t be left behind instead you will get ahead of the rest, cheers!

Faiza Ahmed

Faiza Ahmed is an Insightful person, who forgets every little thing but remember details of centuries old incidents, careless, clumsy but a mindful life-liver, wants to make life simpler and understandable. Enough talking- I need a nap now.

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