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  • Can’t Stop Being a Chicken About Chicken Pox!

    The ultimate nightmare for me was to get chicken pox. I thought I was way past the age of getting them. Imagine the horror I felt when I woke up and saw myself riddled with those hideous, fluid-filled, painful blisters. I’ll start with the beginning Those were the very best days of my life- In the […]

  • Polish Your Writing Skills Using Grammarly: Best Tool For Non-Native English Speakers

    No doubt the biggest obstacle to writing content online and putting yourself out there is the fear of being ridiculed and judged for your grammatical errors. It’s scary for us non-native English speakers to speak our heart out only to be scorned or to get our dream job/college application rejected due to the language barrier. […]

  • Compilation of Pretty Useful Websites You Must Know About

    Websites are great because you don’t have to rely on a device storage space in order for you to access them. All you need is an internet connection. Here’s a list that I’ve compiled (again because the previous one got deleted) of useful websites that I’ve been using and some of them I recently got […]

  • The 48 Laws of Power: Greene’s Guidebook For The Wicked

    The 48 Laws of Power – one of the scariest book I have ever read. You’d think this title belonged to Stephen King’s novels only but nein. Initially, this book made me sick to my stomach thinking just how shady a person can be, only in order to become powerful. Honestly, it has stripped me of […]

  • 11 Tools To Boost Up Your Writing Skills

    Everyone needs to boost their writing skills no matter which profession they may belong to. I cannot stress it enough how important it is to express yourself through your writing. If you want to be impactful online, you need to have a solid virtual voice. As I work on improving my writing skills, the internet […]

  • Losing Yourself To Find Your Own Self

    “I had no clue which path was made for me to embark on so I followed the one where majority was headed.” When asked as a kid what I want to be when I grew up, I would enthusiastically say “a teacher!”. It seemed like a relatively easy decision. Being a kid, I thought teachers […]

  • How To Become A Glorious Potato

    In case you didn’t know already, we’re all potatoes in this world. Some of us can be potato skins forever hiding true self or magnificent fry with soft personality with an outer covering of protectiveness. We’re all different here, eh? Do you wanna know how to turn into a toothsome fry from a bland, boiled […]

  • That Inner Voice Of Self Deprecation

    It was a murky, starless midnight when a girl sat at her old desk, just staring numbly at the blinking cursor and overthinking her past mistakes, of every time she couldn’t fulfil her commitments, of how close she was to failing herself again. “This time it will be different,” she murmured to a seemingly empty […]

  • Digital Books VS. Paperbacks: The Ultimate Controversial Question

    Freshmen year, I was having a decent conversation with an acquaintance while naturally the topic of reading was subtly brought up by me. Her eyes lit up and she started babbling on how big a Potterhead she is and how much she loves to read, Well- I was overjoyed by hearing all these facts and […]

  • How To Access The Superpower Of Speed-Reading

    Perhaps you’re the person who wants to read more but does not possess the time to fit reading into your busy schedule. Perhaps I don’t speed-read as fast as I want to *guiltily looks at my pile of unread books* but it won’t be wrong to suggest that I’ve actually become a kind of ninja […]

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