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Messy Stay-at-Home Mommies7 min read

Coming home from work around 6 PM when he unlocked the main door of his house. First thing he glanced at was a huge pile of unfolded clothes on the sofa, cups and plates lying on the table with some leftover food and a little spill, moving ahead he peeked inside the kitchen where too many dirty dishes were piled in the sink and in front of it was a perfectly cluttered kitchen counter. He shook his head and went straight up his bedroom which was a total disaster, there, he saw his wife all dressed up nice and clean smiling at him with his baby in her arms or may be playing along with her toddlers.

What do you think will be the reaction of this guy?

Okay hang on, let’s rewind this scene.

Now this man enters his house where living room, kitchen and every corner of his house is sparkling clean (which he obviously doesn’t notice) upon entering his bedroom he sees his wife with a messy hair bun, pajamas that she has been wearing for the past 3 days, bags under her eyes and one screaming baby in her arms.

Wait! how about two such babies?

stay at home mommies struggles

Now what do you think? In which condition will this guy be happier? yes, you’re right, none! Because the definition of a Perfect Housewife is someone who looks good, works flawlessly, and handle kids ideally ALL THE TIME which is not portrayed in any of the above scenarios.

Life of a stay at home mom is no joke because there is no life of a stay at home mom cause melodramatically she is constantly on a run to serve others. She has to take care of her house, her husband and her kids single-handedly and in this run, the one she often neglects is her own self. Life of a man is also affected after getting married or having kids but for a woman the impact is huge. For instance her body changes, her mind changes (mostly becomes forgetful), her simple activities like hanging out with friends, longer phone calls, hitting gym, doing makeup, watching movies, eating warm food, solo peaceful bathroom trips, and sleep becomes like vivid dreams and then people, even those who have witnessed a similar phase in their life starts to judge women as a good wife or mother with handiness but at least us women try to cover up in front of such people (mostly relatives) only our husbands get to see the reality with us.

Life of a stay-at-home mother is tiring and messy simultaneously and the only energizing and relaxing thing about this life is your kid’s heart healing smile, Gosh! nobody would have loved babies if they weren’t able to flash that cute smile.

Oh okay, I think I got carried away, but hey! here in no way I am discrediting life as a stay at home mum but right now I am just talking about problems associated. So, I was about to talk about the bitter part of this scenario, “Insensitive Husbands” there are too many women who are blessed with such husbands (pun intended) so such insensitive husbands don’t want their routines to be disturbed even when our world is turned upside down, even when they understand sometimes they don’t really understand. Like on weekends when they want to enjoy your company while watching a movie during which mothers are cradling and feeding their baby along, they want their dinner to be served right on time!

But even that’s not an issue, the real issue comes up when seeing women stuck in their miserable routine, husbands start eyeing other women, yes! it does happen when expectations of some men are not fulfilled they start seeing other women and no woman in any circumstance would want to let her beloved husband go after another woman. From here on those feelings of self-doubt and failure arises in housewives, but the thing to remember is they are not failures, they never were, it is just the hardest thing to deal with but just like every other chore of the house they got this!

Mothers brought life into this world nothing could be hard for them then, but we too just need to buckle up, make our mind and shouldn’t let this nightmare come to life.

Gear up messy mamas, I am highlighting some points to avoid any such heartbreaking situations:

Re-Energize Yourself

First thing first, stack up your energy. Have all those nutritional supplements your doctor prescribed along with healthy meals to get your brain start functioning efficiently.

wonder women carrying a rope stay at home mom

Find Time for Essentials

Try to stay clean and smell nice, makeup is not necessary, I understand the love of messy buns and pyjamas but some other nice clothes and properly brushed hairs look really great.

stay at home moms looking beautiful with a red lipstick

Help Yourself

Help yourself when you got a lot to deal with by hiring some house help when needed, there is really no point in tiring ourselves expecting any kind of compliment over managing everything on our own but yes so much of criticism will be there if things will be a little mismanaged at the end.

women struggling with chores

Establish a Routine

Don’t lose yourself in the process try to establish a routine, once someone starts getting at least a 6-hour sleep they should start waking up early, find time to exercise, eat healthy, feel good about their self, take a nap in the afternoon and things will start falling into its places.

mom managing everything at the same time

Get Organized

Prioritize chores, not everything at home needs to be cleaned regularly, select days for the chores respectively like Sunday is the laundry day, Monday is the cooking day when you will cook 3-4 dishes and freeze for next 3-4 days and likewise. Decide chores that need to be done regularly like taking out the trash, doing the dishes, putting everything in its place, taking care of yourself and your kids.

women washing dishes and doing chores

Stop Wasting Potential Time

Wait, confess! somehow us mommies have been managing to waste our precious time swiping down the screen viewing useless posts i.e using social media too much, do you know two of the biggest time-suckers known in human history? one is babies and the other one is smartphone, congratulations on getting these both and now we wonder why we don’t get any time for our self, that’s never gonna spare any time for us we need to limit dealing with at least one of them so we better limit our smartphone usage like to reply texts and attend phone calls only, I know its the only activity for us busy mamas but hey, just give it a try you will be better off without it.

silver watch clock with grey background

Boost your Relationship

Take out some time specially to spend with your husbands to help them remember the love and warmth of this relationship all the time give him the attention he wants because there are so many potential ‘options’ around him all the time that we remain totally unaware of. Boost your relationship by nurturing its demands respectively.

holding hands animated

God has designed Mothers like they are natural multitasker, they should know that they got it all, with all the challenges and hardships they still can do it and trust me when i say this only and only a woman is able to do so, no man can beat a woman at this. No man can take care of the house like a woman, no man can manage chores like a woman and absolutely no man can handle kids (without using any gadget) like a woman does. She is naturally a pro at this.

stay at home moms we can do it

So, don’t misinterpret a stay-at-home mom, she is not living an easy life, don’t hesitate to offer her a helping hand whenever you can and give her all the love and respect she actually deserves.

Now to all the men reading this, remember she is your better half, help her, tap her shoulder, she is going through a lot she needs your love and constant support. Be nice to her, if you can’t make it any easier, don’t make it more difficult for her because in the end, only a husband and wife can help each other to create a fairy or a fiery tale of their life which ultimately becomes the background story of your kids, so make your choice wisely. Love and peace to all.

Faiza Ahmed

Faiza Ahmed is an Insightful person, who forgets every little thing but remember details of centuries old incidents, careless, clumsy but a mindful life-liver, wants to make life simpler and understandable. Enough talking- I need a nap now.

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  1. I really liked how in-depth and well-thought out this was. It was such a good read!

  2. I can’t imagine what it is like to be a stay at home Mum, the piles of never ending jobs (hey those come around without being Mum anyway but more so if you are I’m sure). It’s definitely something you can’t think about unless you have been there and something Mums deserve to have a break from.

  3. I remember days of having a house full of sick children and screaming for Calgon to take me away.

  4. This sounds very tiring, but this is a great list of tips to help moms. It’s so important to focus on self care.

  5. I’ve never had kids, but my friend has 12 kids, and is a stay at home Mom and homeschooler. I don’t know how she survives, but she somehow manages to keep her house clean as well as raise her kids. Super woman.

  6. I think we have all been in this boat. No one judges anyone when it comes to moments like this!

  7. Oh bless your heart! You have done such a great job considering this. Keep it up girl, and hang in there!

  8. it is a lot of responsibility. these are great tips for moms and future moms.

  9. Because my husband and I both work, we both share in the chores. It gets tricky because I work from home, but that doesn’t mean I have any more time than he does. I’m glad we have a plan that works for us.

    1. Yeah wow… so you are a working/stay at home mum…. and it’s nice to know your husband is so supportive!

  10. Have seen my mom taking care of my brother and me both together, both went different schools, routine was different and timings were managed and everything in time. And for tidiness comes first…! hats off to her..and her patience to do all those things till date..!

  11. These are really helpful. I have two little boys and I think if I were a little more organized that would help, but at times it can be hard especially when I’m in a hurry.

  12. I hope it will help you in some way…cause I totally understand what you are going through…

  13. As a work from home mom of three, it definitely gets tiring. I am finally able to have two of those three going off to school, but it is still a task in itself having one here all day to destroy everything I try to clean.

  14. I am a work at home mom of 5 and I’ll tell you some days my sink is full of dishes and my floors are a mess but my kids are happy, healthy and loved. My husband helps with all household chores and we are a team in everything. It’s exhausting most days but I wouldn’t want it any other way

  15. Great post. Being a stay at home mom is harder than being out and working on a 9-5. The expectations from everyone around you are so high that just become overwhelming at some point. It has been the case for the for many years. Finding the middle ground takes a while and strong will.

  16. When I can’t be beautiful both as a mom and as a wife, I chose to be a Mom first especially when the kids are too small and are very dependent on me. I leave all the household chores behind and take care of the kids first.

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