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Digital Books VS. Paperbacks: The Ultimate Controversial Question3 min read

Freshmen year, I was having a decent conversation with an acquaintance while naturally the topic of reading was subtly brought up by me. Her eyes lit up and she started babbling on how big a Potterhead she is and how much she loves to read, Well- I was overjoyed by hearing all these facts and I saw a flash of us becoming best friends for lives in near future until this happened:

Her: “You cannot become a real bookworm unless you own a physical copy of the books you read.”

Me: (Inhales sharply) “…B-but why?”

Her: “There’s a difference between being a reader and being a book lover. It’s the ritual of reading that counts. You cannot hold the ebook in your hands. That’s why I hate ebooks.”

Me: “So you’re saying you prefer the physical copy of the book over ebooks?”

Her: “No I actually hate ebooks! they are a gimmick and are just damaging the society.”




Me: *smiles sinisterly*

Now, don’t get me wrong! I know most people do not prefer the digitalized version of books. Nothing can replace the way they smell and the feeling you get while you’re flipping through the pages of a paperback. Building your own personal collection and memories, using bookmarks to mark your favorite passages. Quietly weeping in the bathroom at night while clutching the paperback because again, The story was beautiful or throwing it *hard* on your pillow because you don’t want to damage it but at the same time you were still fuming about the ending, It is all a part of the journey you take with books throughout childhood and adding new ones to your collection.

But I definitely find it astounding that some people try to make the argument that digital books are (in any way) less robust than physical.

This is the point! One technology doesn’t replace another (Okay, yeah it does but in some cases it compliments too!).

“Books are no more threatened by Kindles than stairs by elevators.” (Stephen fry)

You won’t find me saying that one is better than the other. Both have their own advantages. Books will be there when any extreme apocalyptic event wipes out the entire internet but in that manner – books are not much safe from extreme incidents either. Look at how many books we have zero clue about existed just because they were burned to ashes by stupid Neanderthals who thought it might be a good idea to burn books just for the heck of it.

Say whatever against digital books but they had played a big part in my life molding me into a reader that I am today as I can take my reader to basically everywhere and can easily sync my device to the cloud so that I do not lose my place to where I had last left off. And in addition to that, I am provided the functionality to automatically scroll down when my hands are busy, Tap on the word to instantly know the meaning of it. Stephen King nicely puts my babbling thoughts into words in this video.

And whether I prefer digital books over the physical ones? I prefer both because to me:

“The important part is the story”.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and I’m inclined to agree with yours if provided with strong facts and your views on this topic, Let’s hear it then! Also, try to refrain yourself from throwing rocks at me if you’re against ebooks.

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