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Polish Your Writing Skills Using Grammarly: Best Tool For Non-Native English Speakers

No doubt the biggest obstacle to writing content online and putting yourself out there is the fear of being ridiculed and judged for your grammatical errors. It’s scary for us non-native English speakers to speak our heart out only to be scorned or to get our dream job/college application rejected due to the language barrier.

I got the same phobia when it comes to blogging. I am good at spelling stuff but when it comes to nitpicking and editing content- I’m horrible at it. So as in every case, the Internet comes to the rescue by referring me to Grammarly- an online proofreader.

What is Grammarly?

It’s an AI writing assistance tool which proofreads your content and helps make you better at writing by highlighting potential errors and correcting mistakes within your writing while you’re busy getting your point across instead of worrying about your has and have’s. Grammarly can highlight and eliminate the errors on the go.
It’s ability to detect errors and suggesting better words to use is what makes it a powerful and the best writing enhancement tool of this time especially when compared to Word’s editing tool.

Grammarly can be used to edit documents through:

How To Start Using Grammarly:

Just click on the grey button in order to sign up and start using Grammarly. Install the browser plugin and you will know if it’s running by seeing the Grammarly logo on the far right side of any text editor.

There is a free version for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, usage errors and punctuation and paid version which, of course, is more advanced. Apart from what the free version offers, it checks the context and sentence structure, suggests vocabulary to make a sentence stronger and also offers built-in plagiarism detector. Here’s a snap of the comparison from their official site which explains the difference more nicely.

grammarly pro and free account comparision

Who do I recommend this to?

Use Grammarly if you’re a student, a teacher (Plagiarism detection resource is pretty handy for writing an academic document, reviewing your work or even checking your student’s assignments!), if you want your emails to sound more professional, if you’re an editor who wants to eliminate basic editing flaws with only a few clicks, if you want to refine your writing or to become a better communicator in general.

grammarly keyboard correction
I like the dark theme better.

My Ratings For Grammarly:

I give Grammarly a solid 8.5 out of 10 stars. The only thing that held me back from wholeheartedly recommending this program was that it needs an internet connection which makes sense based on the fact that it is a cloud-based writing enhancement software but when I’m using the Grammarly keyboard on my phone without an internet connection– the possibility of making a bum out of me increases without the word suggestions. And that’s precisely when my talent to misspell a word comes into action.

grammarly needs internet connection

Please Note: This review is not biased and is based on real-time use.

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  • Vladimir Jecic
    Posted at

    It looks useful, I am using it right now as I type.😅
    To be honest, till now I didn’t think that there is a powerful app like this. Whenever I wasn’t sure how to spell something I would write it in Google and waited for it to give me advice for how to spell it.

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