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Compilation of Pretty Useful Websites You Must Know About

Websites are great because you don’t have to rely on a device storage space in order for you to access them. All you need is an internet connection. Here’s a list that I’ve compiled (again because the previous one got deleted) of useful websites that I’ve been using and some of them I recently got to know about. Bookmark this article for future reference and with that aside, Let’s get the list rolling!

Photo Editing

image fonts detecting site

Scans the font name from an image. It might probably show you the fonts you’d have to pay to use however if you want to use them for free, google “example- similar fonts free.”

Easily make posters and cute infographics. There are so many pre-designed posters as well. Enjoy the fun of photoshop without all the fuss!

Touch up on your photos to prettify them, you can make collages too.


Make flowcharts, diagrams, and sitemaps etc.

It solves algebra, calculus, and even chemistry problems using AI technology- a great site for students.

Maths problem solver with steps. CyMaths also got an app for iOS and Android too.

Noisli generates relaxing background noise while you work and calmly is a distraction-free white screen text editor. Both go very well together.

I’ve talked about site in this article but so much can be done using this tool! You can also make money using it through this nifty little trick that I wrote about.

I’m sure most of you might be familiar with the above sites but the list would be incomplete without them all. Add a bit more spice to your resume by doing free or paid online courses using these amazing sites.

As a non-native speaker of English, it happens to me sometimes that the word I want to add to a sentence slips from my mind and it is lingering there just outside my grasp. This website is great for solving that issue. It helps me remember that word that I want to use instead of settling with a meh sounding synonym.

” If you’re worried that you don’t have any interests, browse in the nonfiction section of a library for five minutes. By then a book will catch your eye, whether it’s about baking pie crusts or Icelandic crust formation.”

” Generally speaking, if your cat nudges your feet in the morning, it wants to stay inside. If it nudges your face, it wants to go out.”

” The best way to get someones attention is to whisper.”

Read other rules of thumbs from the site.

Security and Finance:

Scans any suspicious file with several anti-virus programs.

It takes a step further by scanning files as well as URLs to detect types of malware.

Protect your email address from spam by converting it into a safe link you can share on the web.

Get read receipts for your emails and not only that- it also provides the recipient’s location, IP address, browser details, without notifying the person they’re being tracked.

Check if your email address has been comprised in a data breach. I tested it and sure enough.

Manage your finances with this free and online money management system.


Cloud storage and hosting service. Use this for storing and transferring really big files.

Languages and Skills

Process of learning a new language made easy.

Stuck in a book slump? It’s the worst! that’s why this site might be useful to find your next favourite read based on your previous bookish loves.

Everything related to chess. Become the next chess prodigy.

Polish your HTML skills, I so need to revisit this site.


It shortens humongous URLs to make them cute and easily shareable.

Uncover short links (links you prettified above) and find the original URL.

Your result just came and the website is down due to heavy traffic? Try accessing it through this link.

This lets you share your screen with anyone.

Share notes that will self-destruct just after being read. Beware of people taking screenshots though.

Add QR codes to your documents and presentation to make them look more fancy.

Stands for “If This Then That” It can be used to create a connection between all your accounts by using applets within this app and you can even create your own applets! Like, say: “If Posted on Instagram, Then Share it on Pinterest”. Not only used to connect social accounts there is also this applet which makes a random phone call to you if you want to get out of an awkward phone conversation. the possibilities are endless using that many applets!

Edit pdf files online in your browser.

The geekiest and ad-free way to listen to music from different genres, I’ve been using for a while now and it has become my favourite way to discover music online. This site is a must visit.

Compilation of Pretty Useful Websites You Must Know About

I’ll update this list as soon as I stumble upon more cool and useful sites. Share with me the websites that are useful to you and are relevant to this list and I’ll add them immediately.


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