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The 48 Laws of Power: Greene’s Guidebook For The Wicked

The 48 Laws of Power – one of the scariest book I have ever read.

You’d think this title belonged to Stephen King’s novels only but nein. Initially, this book made me sick to my stomach thinking just how shady a person can be, only in order to become powerful. Honestly, it has stripped me of all the delusions I had by making me face the harsh realities of these fake lives we live. He basically wrote a book based on the tactics all the antagonists play to build their master plan.

This book has 48 evil laws to become powerful. Well yeah, this much is clear by the title. But you need to read this book to see for yourself just how easy it is to kill your conscience and ride to power.

The book begins with a quick go through of all the laws. Then comes the description of each law that Robert Greene has backed up with in-depth history and clarifications.

Overall this book is an amazing guidebook that will remind you to be as evil as you can be every time you fall into the seemingly pretty trap of being good. read this if you want to:

  1. Learn how to manipulate others.
  2. Counter these tactics when you encounter them.

These laws seem like “recipe to become a tyrant” but after finishing the book, you’ll realize that the game of power is not a playground for the pure, untainted souls. Throughout history, a lot of people who have risen to power were basically psychopaths.

Say anything you want about this book but I never had this much fun reading a non-fiction book, I never felt this much… evil?

The 48 Laws of Power is one powerful book that made me feel conflicted by shaking my head multiple times saying either this book is either pure evil or Greene is one hell of a genius.  Either way, I’d suggest you to read this book if you want to read a really good non-fiction.

48 laws of power robert greene
48 laws of power robert greene
48 laws of power robert greene

*shudders* That’s all folks!

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  • SpilledteaSpectator
    Posted at

    I agree, this book is a masterpiece. It also helped me realize how extremely naive I have been. Definitely a must read!

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