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Splintered, A Wonderland Retelling I Didn’t Enjoy

“Oh now, being mad’s not all that bad.”

Splintered, Unhinged #1

Can’t believe this almost destroyed my love for Alice in Wonderland, almost. She mucked up Mad Hatter’s personality and made him a husk of a person he is, and if that wasn’t enough, that love triangle grated on my nerves, and I couldn’t even keep track of all the times she believed Morpheus betrayed her, And Jeb, I’ve already added him to my list of most annoying YA character’s list and to think that he was acting so overprotective of Alyssa and controlled her actions, whined every once in a while that she brought him in this mess of a place, he was rude most of the times and one personality trait I can never stand is rudeness, maybe that’s because I don’t know how to deal with that sort of attitude. Let’s be kind y’all!

In the end, everything turned out fine and dandy, and Alyssa saved the day (figuratively). I actually liked her a lot, and I’m hoping that Morpheus and Alyssa get together in the final book, but we know that’s not gonna happen, oh no, not because of spoilers (I haven’t read them) because that part is very predictable.

“I hate you.”
“Only because of the way I make you feel.”
My fingernails eat into my palms. “Only because you bring out the worst in me.”
“Oh no, luv. I bring out the life in you”

Splintered, Unhinged #1

I also had another teeny tiny problem that the setting was supposed to be eerie and gloomy, but I never felt that part. Maybe it’s just been too long on my to-read list, but whatsoever, lesson learned: I shouldn’t have forced myself to read this to save mine and everyone else’s time.

Giving an additional one star because I enjoyed the table dance scene where Alyssa got ravenous and the banter between Alyssa and Morpheus; it was comical to see Alyssa acting like a drunkard and so out of her character. I wanna read the next book now all because of Unhinged’s book cover. #guilty

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