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  • Splintered, A Wonderland Retelling I Didn’t Enjoy

    “Oh now, being mad’s not all that bad.” Splintered, Unhinged #1 Can’t believe this almost destroyed my love for Alice in Wonderland, almost. She mucked up Mad Hatter’s personality literally made him a husk of a person he is, and if that wasn’t enough, that love triangle grated on my nerves, and I couldn’t even […]

  • Finished Wildcard by Marie Lu in a Day, Fast Boi Now

    “Word on the street is that those lenses will download a patch that converts them into algorithm lenses on the day of the Warcross closing ceremony. That’s happening in eight days. “Seven days of freedom left,” Asher finally says, voicing what we’re all thinking. “If you want to rob a bank, now’s your chance.” ~Wildcard […]

  • Took a Freakishly Long Time Reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Still Enjoyed It.

    It never occurred to me that the book that I delayed reading for so long and was only able to read during my commuting time to university because of my strict schedule these days (Labs, extra courses, and classes just regular and boring stuff) that I would enjoy it so immensely. Hitchhiker’s Guide To The […]

  • Prettify Your Content Using These Free Stock Photo Sites

    As a blogger, marketer, or social media enthusiast, you should be looking for media files to prettify your content to make it more aesthetically pleasing and engaging. The best way is to add stock images, or even memes can do the trick. If you: Think stock photos can cost a fortune. Suck at taking nice […]

  • 100+ Kawaii Emoticons To Perk Up Your Sad, Depressed Soul

    Bear with me, I’ve been obsessed with emoticons for quite a few days now and I thought it’d be efficient if I compile hundreds of emoticons on a single webpage in order to use them when I want to instead of bookmarking different web pages over the internet.  Here’s a mixed up list of Unicode/ASCII […]

  • Reading Aerie by Maria Dahvana Headley

    Obligatory disclaimer: This review contains mild spoilers. Let me start by saying this: Magonia was one of my favourite reads of 2015. It was eccentric and full of magical elements infused with scientific facts. The writing made me feel like the whole time I was soaring with Aza on a personal cloud of mine, leaving behind […]

  • The Best Way to Read ePUB Files on your Android Device

    The reason why I prefer to read ePUB files over pdf files is that you have to zoom all the way in if you’re dealing with small fonts and then have to scroll back and forth to read the entire sentence. Reading books on phones doesn’t have to be a painstakingly tiring process. I use […]

  • Make Transcribing Easy and Generate a Side Income Using This Method

    One of the website I found while using StumbleUpon is It is a handy website from what you can get is that you can make transcribing very easy. Here’s the trick: Make an account on play the audio transcription file that you are given to transcribing over which will convert it to […]

  • The Unbound Magic of Lucid Dreaming

    I was merely listening to my sister, who was talking about her startup. How the logo is supposed to represent the product, and I was just about to give my views on it when I looked out the window and noticed the sky.

  • It’s Oka to Take a Break From Everything

    She stares blankly at her phone as it shows her WhatsApp being uninstalled, with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other similar social applications being deleted already, she breathes a sigh of relief. Peace for a few days apparently. She knows of the relentless badgering she would receive when she gets in contact with her friends later. […]

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