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It’s Oka to Take a Break From Everything

She stares blankly at her phone as it shows her WhatsApp being uninstalled, with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other similar social applications being deleted already, she breathes a sigh of relief. Peace for a few days apparently. She knows of the relentless badgering she would receive when she gets in contact with her friends later. Dreaded it even.

“Why do you keep disappearing like that?” “What is wrong with you?” “Why can’t you just talk about it, whatever it is?”

But not today or tomorrow or for a few days to come. There shall be calm for a few days while she takes a break from everything. The thought alone was very relieving. But with temporary relief there was also guilt attached for ignoring the people who genuinely care about her, She wonders if they’ll notice her not being online, will they be worried? Or will they stop caring about her? call her an attention seeker?

She shakes her head at the absurdity of it because it was not the first time she did that, heck! It’s not even a big deal. Social media already have so much stigma attached to it. But people don’t even realize that it’s the place where you’re allowed to be yourself, you can be anonymous or stand out in a limelight. It’s totally up to you to express yourself or go undercover.

People think it’s so important to be online 24/7 and be as socially active as possible while having a huge circle, posting each and every single detail of your life. Those who choose to not be a part of this rather overwhelming social circle are labelled as weirdos.

Above is the situation that many people actually relate to. Others may not. Not everyone feels like they need to cut through everyone else’s bullcrap. I isolate myself from all the people when it gets overwhelming to the point that they stop talking to me. I drive them away. Not everyone can understand the thing I do.

It’s oka to take a break when things get overwhelming. It’s oka to not play as a pawn to social standards and decide what you want for yourself. Recharge yourself for a while and reflect on what you’re doing with your life. Become a hermit if that’s what it’ll take for you to perform at your peak.

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