The Unbounded Magic of Lucid Dreaming

by Bia Ahmed, September 29, 2018

I was merely listening to my sister who was talking about her startup. How the logo is supposed to represent the product and I was just about to give my views when I looked out the window and noticed the sky…..

It was full of glowing blue crystals which were pulsing with a lifelike energy. Huh? Weird. I noticed jia’s face, she was still talking oblivious to her surroundings. I noticed the cup I was holding, full of sparkling liquid with color varying from clear to midnight blue to blood red. Elixir then, I guessed. Fearing her reaction, I said to my sister as calmly as
possible: ‘Do you know that we’re currently in the middle of my dream?’ she looked at me with confused expressions. Finally I couldn’t contain my excitement “We’re dreaming right now!” I said in awe. But I couldn’t decipher her expressions. What was a confused face morphed into a terrifying mass of smoke and bones and the dream changed. Suddenly I found myself swinging in a golden light. I could see well beyond the horizons. There
were no boundaries. It’s just like a dream! I stupidly thought. I swung higher and higher. there was no limit as to how high I swung. I jumped.

Free-falling to no end in sight.

It was exhilarating to say the least.

I felt infinite.



And then I came back to reality. Like it never happened.

This is what dreaming lucid feels like- its when you realise you’re dreaming within a dream so when you do that, you’re able to wring magic out of the ordinary, Although it’s difficult to manipulate dreams, it feels unreal to experience that, Kind of like finding yourself in a wonderland and gaining x- men abilities. You can fly, teleport yourself, gain super speed, meet with people you can’t in real life. All you need is a wild imagination and a calm nerve as to not become too much excited about the dream.

Lucid dreaming can be achieved

Lucid dreaming helped me in hard times when i would have these concurring night terrors. I would freeze up and couldn’t do anything in them. Learning this perceived difference between reality and an illusion helped me face my fears and project what i learned to real life as well. And i believe that in addition to all the benefits of lucid dreaming- people who have concurring nightmares can be helped the most.

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