How To Become A Glorious Potato3 min read

In case you didn’t know already, we’re all potatoes in this world. Some of us can be potato skins forever hiding true self or magnificent fry with soft personality with an outer covering of protectiveness. We’re all different here, eh? Do you wanna know how to turn into a toothsome fry from a bland, boiled potato? Read on to know how to do.

  • Don’t Let The Peer Pressure Get To You

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You think you’re going to become a fry someday considering the heat and pressure you’re getting from your peers. But ask yourself this: Do you even like what you’re doing in your life? Will that eventually help you out with your goals, whatever they might be? Now if you’re vigorously nodding your head in agreement then congratulations! You’re a fry in making. But if you are staring at the screen lying on your bed with a poker face then consider changing your direction. Peer pressure sucks and life is way too short to stunt your growth of becoming the fry that everyone craves. Just because your peers think it’s perfect for you to choose *insert important life decisions* doesn’t necessarily mean that you want that for yourself as well.

  • Stop Being A Mouse/Couch Potato

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You’re ready to be a rebel right? But if you’re still lying on your bed scrolling your life away on Facebook then you, sir, are not good at this whole rebellion thing. You either get up and become the glorious potato that you oh so badly want to be (we’re going to assume that’s exactly why you’re here) or just become another normie that expects other people to lead you the right way because you were too busy to check who liked your post on whatever platform you prefer.

  • Don’t Fall Victim To Self Pity


self loving potato

Just don’t, okay? Seeing yourself as a disappointing potato will lead you nowhere. Do not self pity! Do what needs to be done to change the bad situations in life. Take advantage of the heat and morph yourself into a golden potato. Wallowing in pity while doing nothing to change the situation is what losers do.

  • Discover Your Inner Calling

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Don’t be stuck to your routine like a ritual. Learn something new every day. Discover yourself a little more each day by trying out and learning new things that you never thought you would do. Embrace your ability and will to become the pizza fry that every normal potato wants to be.

  • Make Some Time For Your Potato Buds

potato buds

Don’t be a rotten potato and give time to your friends. Don’t burn yourself out by being busy every single moment of your life. If you’re a lone potato who don’t have no friends then try to branch out and grow some new buds that you can relate to and form a potato-istic bond with them 

  • Be Dedicated To Become The Glorious Potato

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It’s a no-brainer but true to point out. Glory needs to be pursued. No potato ever became a scrumptious bowl of pizza fry just because they wanted to be it. Those potatoes worked hard for it.

Frying Up:

Potatoes are the real MVP of the food world. They might be arguably ugly to look at but when utilized, they have the magical ability to taste a-peeling (puntended, of course) with every food possible. We believe that potatoes are discriminated. In fact, we believe that we should feel honoured to being called a potato.

All Hail The Glorious Potatoes!

By Bia Ahmed

Mad hatter in a seemingly strange wonderland.


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      Thank you, fellow potato! Ye shall be potatoe’d.

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